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Play with reality. Trick your perception. With our 3D agency, Beauprisme, your images become real. Your projects need the right skills and competences in order to meet your expectations. Our team experts will make your ideas real through their passion and the high quality of their visuals.

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High quality

We give a particular attention to the details of our visual's materials and luminosity. We can sort out any type of luminosity wether it's natural, studio (3 points, 4 points...) or any other type. We have gained expertise in the lightening strategies to generate a better project's promotion.


Wether its your interior design, accessories suggestions or stylisme and no matter what the style ( minimalist, industrial, pop...) We can support and counsel you throughout your journey, help you chose wisely, prepare for you examples and scenarios according to your preferences. 

Detailled modelling

D'après des plans ou même des photos, nous vous assurons une modélisation poussée dans le détail. Voir même nous pouvons améliorer des modèles existants qu'ils soient CAO ou CAD.

Real materials

It doesn't matter what type of material you are seeking especially if it's a wood one, we can ensure the details of wood's veins and make it look so real.


We are experts of esthetic configurator realization, applied on touch screens, tablets, smartphones or any other device. We can help you enhance and promote your product's different features on any type of material.


We can create movies's animation for your virtual visits. It can be based on a story board or might include real characters and real stuff such as vehicles' animation, train, bike, cars, plane, boats... etc

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