3D Interior rendering is a photo-realistic representation of an interior space like rooms , hotel lobbies etc … In fact, 3D interior rendering allows the emphasis to be placed on the layout of interior spaces, it is a real commercial tool. This one makes it possible to sublimate the interior of a room by arousing the desired emotion in the viewer.

Thus, we present you 7 tips to boost and optimize your profits by showing you ways of reducing the costs of your interior 3D rendering.

1- Pay attention to the details

While creating the interior renderings, it’s better to start by preparing a detailed brief containing pictures helping you to choose a specific style for your client’s decoration.

All of this will facilitate the tasks for further steps , in case your client prefers a customized 3D content which is always the case especially when it comes to furniture jobs. It’s true that the work would be a little bit  complicated for your team but it will increase the price of the interior rendering deliverable which means more profit.

2- Choosing the right resolution and image quality

3D Interior rendering gives professionals the opportunity to present and showcase a product in several facets. On the other hand, creating a 3D image with multiple viewing angles takes a long time to be achieved. You are certainly asking yourself why two identical images with a different resolution don’t have the same price ?

Actually once your machine is occupied by rendering and resolution it cannot be consumed simultaneously for something else. Thus, this will affect the cost of 3D rendering which would therefore be a little more expensive. So before getting started, ask yourself the question, would 3D or 360 ° rendering be profitable for my business ?

3- Reduce the number of viewing angles

To prepare a 3D interior rendering you need to have several viewing angles, especially if you’re looking to use it during a project’s presentation or demonstration.

Keep in mind that the cost of your 3D rendering depends on the number of viewing angles in question . If you have a limited budget, it is always better to choose scenes that are already built and prepared in advance. For instance, in the case of a house  architecture, scenes must be fully reconstructed with the invoicing of other options such as zooming the image or rotating the camera in your space.

4- Too much customization increases your costs

Some customers prefer a unique 3D interior rendering with lots of details, eventually leading the graphic designers to model all the 3D rendering step by step, which will  take a long time to be achieved and therefore increases your costs. So here’s the solution !

Well, you can choose similar items to what you are looking for, for example, you can relate to the portfolio of the company in question that are already prepared  and let the designers come up with a similar product to what you want in terms of models, textures, materials etc. ..

5- Take your time as much as you need

To reduce the cost of your interior 3D rendering do not treat urgent projects as a priority because they affect the price, try to take the necessary time to offer it and avoid running against time.

Did you ever wonder why you pay more when the deadline is short and less when it takes longer? Actually, when the deadline is tight, you will delay the projects of other clients and the graphic designers will be forced to work overtime in order to deliver the rendering on time.

6- The larger and more complex the space, the higher the cost of your 3D rendering

The more you spend time on a project, the higher the cost of the rendering . Similarly, the larger and more complex the space, the higher the cost. In this case, the cost of an interior rendering depends on many factors, so you have to prepare a plan and a model beforehand in order to be able to estimate the right price.

7- The price depends on the chosen style

Each style has its own preferences, criterias and taste. Among the most requested styles, we find the Scandinavian, industrial, cocooning … etc.

However, the construction work as well as the cost are different from a style to another. You should know that graphic designers do not spend the same time and periode preparing two renderings that have two different styles. A little tip, if you want to reduce the cost of your interior rendering,

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