Who are we ?

We are a specialized agency in 3D very high quality visual creation.

Beauprisme was created in 2015 by Romain Alleger, an interior and exterior design specialist.

We are a dynamic and creative team composed by architects, developers, designers and photographers.

What do we offer ?

We can sort out any brightness type, wether it's natural, studio ( 3 points, 4 points...etc) or any other wished type. We have developed an expertise in the brightness strategies that fits better your projects promotion.

We counsel and support you by offering you different propositions in various formats such as floorboards, sketchs... etc

Using plans, pictures or any material format, we can assure you a very detailed modeling. Also, we can ameliorate existant models wether if it's CAO or CAD.

It doesn't matter the material type you are looking for especially if it's a wooden one, we can restore wood's veins details and make it look so real.

We can create animation movies for your virtual visits. These animation might be based on a story-board that we can design for you, real characters or real stuff like vehicles, trains, cars, planes, boats... etc

We have gained an honorable expertise in the configurators' making and styling. It can be realized on touchscreens, tablets or smartphones. We can help you better promote your product's features using various formats.

How to contact us ?

You can contact us through :

+33 (0)6 21 02 90 38

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  • The quality of our visuals, our rigor and reactivity are our major qualities. When we work for our clients and prepare for them 3D visuals, we are always appreciated for our availability, our active listening and our passion !